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Working with hourly fees is in most cases too complicated. The composer of today needs an estimate well in advance to balance against the recruitment of the orchestrator or copyist. For this reason, Scores&Parts prefer to give an estimate that will be related to the parameters requested  These parameters are detailed in the estimate request form which is included below. Once we receive your completed form we will respond as quickly as possible with an estimate that will always be close to the actual cost.

Budget form

Name of the person requesting the budget:*

(or the company name)


Street Address

Address Line 2


State / Province / Region

Postal / Zip Code

Phone Number:*



Production company:


Project type:*
 TV movie 
 TV series 
 TV ad 
 Cartoon series 
 Musical theater 
 Video game 
Lenght of music:*

(in minutes)
 full orchestra (full ww, brass & perc) 
 Strings + ww 
 Strings + piano 
 Piano + some strings 
 Big band 
 pop ensemble 
Please check one ore more, otherwise specify the
instrumentation in the box below:

Check the services required:*
 Orchestration from midi 
 Orchestration from sketch (manuscript or computer generated) 
 Copying and preparing from manuscript 
 Copying and preparing from full midi orchestration 
 Preparing from semi orchestrated midi  
 Punches and streamers 
 Generate click tracks 
 Music production or music assistance during recording 
 Music production or music assistance during mixing 
Estimated time to be spent on the project (our
 a couple of days 
 1 week 
 2 weeks 
 3 weeks 
 4 weeks 
 5 weeks 
 6 weeks 
 7 weeks 
 8 weeks 

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