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  • Orchestration and arrangement:
    We have been involved in a variety of projects, including musicals, full feature films and CD recordings. Our experience has developed as a result of many hours of recording sessions.
  • Score and part preparation from a handwritten or computer-generated score:
    We adapt to the needs of each composer. We can work from midi files generated from any of the major current programs (Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase, Protools, etc) as well as from handwritten material.
  • Scores and parts are prepared with the greatest possible accuracy:
    Avoiding any problems in the recording is an obsession of ours, meticulous reviewing enables us to put a 99% guarantee on the effectiveness of our work.
  • Transcription:
    Sometimes we have found it necessary to transcribe music, either because the composer did not use digital media or because the original file had not been transcribed previously.
  • Printing and shipping:
    We can print and ship the music or provide you with PDFs to print on your own. We also have our own photocopying service. We use paper of high quality and provide our own packaging.
  • Preparing Music for Publication:
    If necessary, we can prepare scores for publication, providing all the necessary details for a printed edition.
  • Special services for films and recordings:
    Computer based system to plan recording sessions and orchestral setup: we have a Filemaker-based system to plan our work and check the reviews of the scores. We can also plan your recording sessions to save both time and money. Generating punches and streamers, and click tracks: if necessary we can generate click tracks required for recording. We offer any type of system: punches and streamers, midi-click audio tracks, free timing, etc. Support for music production, recording and mixing: we also offer the composer the opportunity to attend the recording for the job of assistant-producer. Likewise we can also assist in the process of mixing the soundtrack. Individual FTP access for each client
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