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Alex Martinez is the director of Score&Parts. His experience in the field of music over more than 20 years, of which the last 15 have been dedicated to soundtracks, has given him a broad perspective. Since graduating from Berklee College of Music in Composition and Film Scoring, he has worked at all levels: composer, orchestrator, arranger, producer, piano player, assistant, etc. More than anyone, he is aware that the success of a soundtrack depends primarily on the appropriate preparation of music for recording, and of course the quality of the music itself. He and his colleagues at Score and Parts want composers, especially those dedicated to the cinema, to devote themselves to composing, leaving Score and Parts to deal with the specific secondary tasks.

Àlex Martínez Casamada


David Gómez Comino

Orchestrator | Copyst

Gerson Gelabert Fernández

Arranger | Copyst

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